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About Archibalds



The Beginning


In 1901, a master cabinet maker by the name of Mr James L. Archibald opened a modest shop in Thistle Street. Five years later, following a period of great prosperity, he moved to Great Western Road.


At the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Mr Archibald discovered that interest in home furnishings was seriously declining and, accordingly, he turned his expertise to an enterprise relevant to the times - the manufacture of aircraft parts.


In 1925, with the Charleston threatening to exterminate the waltz and radio becoming a popular commodity, the furnishing business had recovered sufficiently from the post-war depression. Mr Archibald proceeded to extend the showroom at Great Western Road, as well as bringing his sons, Charles, James and Robert, into the family firm.



Expansion and Evolution


In ithe following decade, the company further extended its showrooms at Great Western Road. The small windows and door were transformed into 100 feet of window space, with each window standing at 12 feet deep to allow the display of furniture and furnishings. To this day, the inconvenience of Aberdeen's heavy traffic is eased dramatically when you pull up outside Archibalds' windows to indulge in the immaculately dressed window displays with the latest stylish furniture.


During the Second World War, the company had all of their able-bodied employees in service but miraculously continued to operate - no longer manufacturing aircraft parts but completing contract furnishings for Government Departments.


In 1951, Archibalds opened their famous show house at 34 Great Western Road (now 'The House' Ladies Spa). The interiors showcased the latest styles in home decor, whilst the showhome housed the finest fashions in furniture and furnishings.



Continuing Tradition


In 1956, Archibalds' pre-eminence was recognised by the granting of a Royal Warrant as cabinet makers and upholsterers.


Few Aberdeen businesses were untouched by the oil boom and Archibalds was certainly no exception. Prosperity in Aberdeen brought new fashions in furniture and furnishings to homes in the North East.


Throughout history, Archibalds has consistently been at the forefront for providing their customers with something special at a competitive price.


Today, we are proud to continue this tradition.