Natuzzi Editions – sumptuos sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners, sleepers and ottomans.

Archibalds is home to the exquisite Italian designs of Natuzzi Editions and their luxury range of upholstered sofas, sectionals, sleepers, chairs, recliners and ottomans. Their products speak a universal language - the language of quality. That's why they're the world leaders in leather upholstered products and Italy's leading furniture manufacturer. With their core values of style, affordability and quality, there's no mistaking their Italian heritage.


Natuzzi's leather upholstery naturally expresses nobility. Not only is it long-lasting but its appearance improves with age. It's strong, flexible and adapts naturally to the shape of your body offering unparalleled comfort. Natuzzi Editions Protecta leathers are strong and supple – particularly suitable for active households of fun-loving people with children and pets. For lovers of refined elegance and natural interiors, Natuzzi Editions Natural leathers are soft and velvety with variations in grain, veining and colour shade as hallmarks of their beauty.

Here at Archibalds, we're proud to stock Natuzzi Editions sumptuous sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners, sleepers and ottomans. Visit our showroom today to try the Natuzzi Editions collection for yourself.

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